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Are you wondering about this Pay Per Call thing and what it can do for you…? Yes, it is all about what is in it for you and how you can benefit from this technology of Phones being able to access the internet. It seems that display advertising is on its last breath since physical printed newspapers are dying. Now even the search engines don’t like text links and the FCC is not happy about sponsored postings. Maybe you are an affiliate promoter or an affiliate yourself and it seems like they are trying to make it difficult for you to market your product.

Well, if you are an Internet Marketer and you are looking for a new way to market your product or make money online with a small to medium investment then you may be interested to know that there are non-traditional website marketing models like Pay-Per-Call. But how can you leverage that to your benefit and turn a profit, how does it work, and what exactly do you need to do without losing your shirt.?

Many people are jumping on the Pay-Per-Call bandwagon very quickly. In early August 2009, Linkshare and Commission Junction opened each of their Pay-Per-Call services. However, many people lost a boatload of money as I did when they sent paid clicks to each of the campaigns and found it just too difficult with many people clicking and just hanging up. Many well knows Internet Marketing gurus will tell you that this model is very, very difficult to be successful at.

Well, I am making it successful and that is why I am here to help YOU become successful at it too. I have spent over a year losing lots of money and then finally making a 5 figure income a month consistently and can now confidently say that I can help you make money with this challenging but profitable (if you follow my model) market. Look at this statement by “Google CEO Eric Schmidt says 200,000 Android smartphones are now activated each day,” reference

“Pay-per-call offers a great new revenue opportunity for both merchants and affiliates,” said ShareASale CEO Brian Littleton in a press release issued earlier. “Affiliate marketing is no longer just online. Consumers who were more difficult to reach in a purely online environment are now a new audience for affiliates to target. The system is simple to set up, easy to use, and integrates with a merchant’s traditional online initiatives.”

So, my name is Justin Elenburg, I want to help you succeed and make some money in this industry. My goal is to provide you with some free videos and actual instructions on how to get started within the next two weeks.

Please sign up for my email list so you can be sure to get the latest information about Pay-Per-Call and how you can profit from it. I really am looking for people to teach this to, a small but qualified group who are willing to learn this as a test group. So please sign up for my email list and I promise you will not be disappointed in the information I will share with you.

Great success to you!
Justin Elenburg

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